nobodys favorite anything.
ghost*fruits real shit

hi tumblr

did you know i’m co-responsible for a moderately okay comic on the internet? because as it turns out i totally am

it is called cerberus and maybe you wouldn’t completely hate it?

right now it’s 4 issues, 146 pages and two dead supervillains in, and you could maybe read it right here if you wanted

or you could download the cbz versions below, if you’re into that

1 2 3 4

these were drawn over a relatively long amount of time so the art in issue 1 is kind of wonky but it gets better, i promise

i have spent an enormous amount of time and self restraint trying not to make a big deal out of this but i guess i thought it’d be worthwhile to try and show people?

if by some miracle you enjoyed literally any of this i will

probably start irregularly posting about when it updates

so uh